A day of postponement leaves the Dewani murder case once again in the hands of speculation and intrigue by the media.


The three suspects in the Anni Dewani murder case are to be tried separately with the first against the driver of the vehicle transporting Anni and Shrien Dewani at the time of the hijack, who is allegedly to enter a plea bargain, starting tomorrow in the Western Cape High Court.

Further news or rather speculation in the Daily Mail is that the murder occurred with an accidental shot fired when the hijackers were arguing over the possibilities of sexual assault and rape. The angle of the bullet is suggested as proof that the murder might not have been intended at that particular moment.

Shrien Dewani is still in the UK, according to his spin doctor, Max Clifford, under sedation and undergoing counselling for trauma and bereavement.

In a week where top SA lawyer Billy Gundelfinger withdrew from representing Shrien Dewani, the two other suspects have claimed that they were the victims of assault by police officers at the time of their arrest.

This current status of the case leaves us with nothing more to go on except the splitting of the suspects into three separate trials. This may or may not have come about as a result of the torture allegations by two of the suspects.

The Mail & Guardian on Friday focused again on the possible need for the extradition of Shrien Dewani from Britain and added the story of recent cooperation by South Africa in extraditing Darren Finch, wanted on drug dealing and fraud, to Britain.

Ominous article for Dewani although Max Clifford is still sticking to the line that his client is not a suspect and though this might be true for now, the proverbial cat might just get in amongst the pigeons once the first trial gets underway and the details of a plea bargain become part of the public domain.

The official silence of the South African Police Services so far in the case is also ominous as the signs point to a single minded strategy and focus on the case without allowing media speculation on the day to day police investigation. 

Once the case begins though it will be the National Prosecuting Authority that takes centre stage in the trial to prosecute and convict the murderers of Anni Dewani but the suspense in this tale lies in whether the opening day in court tomorrow will bring a new role for Shrien Dewani as suspect in the murder of Anni Dewani. 




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